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Over the past couple years my art has changed forms MANY times! I have temporarily paused my work on abstract painting and am focusing more of my time on my art business, teaching and my shipping businesses.


I teach many paint parties all over the North Shore and Boston. I also teach fashion, sculpture and creative arts at Artcie Studio in Hamilton, MA.


I'm really excited about the progress of my foliage and snow shipping businesses. My current projects are mainly involving leaves and their preservation process! More to come soon on my blog!       


Jessica is a young abstract artist and paint party instructor from Boston, MA. She has recently returned to her hometown to focus on studio art and her multiple businesses after a couple years of living in the Middle East, NYC and traveling overseas. She has exhibited extensively in New York, Boston and overseas. Jessica was born and raised north of Boston Massachusetts. Jessica studied Painting and business at Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts. She also studied abroad in Orvieto, Italy. Jessica has been studying painting for the past twenty years. She has always had an interest for the arts, but that interest became her passion and vocation when she started studying abstraction. As she examines the freedom and excitement of abstraction she has continued to develop as an artist.



Jessica has been in numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout New York and Boston.  Her artwork is treasured in many public and private collections.  Jessica’s artwork has been published in Idiom a collection of artwork in 2010. Her work is part of the Tsvetaev Museum in Moscow’s permanent collection. Jessica’s work continually has themes of water and space as its basis. With work that is expressive and vibrant, Jessica paints energetic panels that break free of the boundaries of their two-dimensional forms and confront the viewer with their bold colors. She juxtaposes contrasting hues to create a drama and an originality to the vibrant panels.








Painting: a process, a reflection, an expression. I begin each painting with a series of thin layers and slowly build up the work. I “find” the painting through the layers. Depth and color become the most important factor of the painting. I build up the layers by pouring water mixed with pigment and acrylic mediums onto a primed masonite panel. I use this type of board to keep each layer true to the hue of the poured pigment and to show the flow of the water over the panel and previous layers, not soaking through and mixing the colors.


My current work on the series “Confluence” is dealing with all-over abstraction. With this body of work I am exploring risk and uncertainty, and how to free myself from the control. It is a never ending lesson of freeing my mind and being open to the excitement and unpredictability of each painting, while still creating a concise composition and an emotional painting.


The freedom of this style of painting makes it possible for me to reflect on my artwork as it morphs and dries. I work by pouring water mixed with pigment so that I give up a certain amount of control. It forces me understand and explore in depth the physics of the water, pigments and mediums. I try to control the uncontrollable. I paint quickly with the water, but at the same time I slow down to let the paint drip, mix then dry. Through the many layers I slowly transform the painting into the finished product. In my paintings I hope to convey an expression of myself. I attempt to create powerful paintings that confront the viewer with a strong emotion through the depiction of another time and place. I view each painting as the creation of a new world and through that world depict a new emotion.







2016 Hamilton Wenham Library Gallery, Solo Show, Hamilton, MA

2014 Porter Mill Gallery, Solo Show, “Confluence”, Beverly, MA

2014 Porter Mill Gallery, “Small Works Exhibition” Beverly, MA

2014 McGladdery Gallery, “Friends and Family Show” Charlestown, MA

2013 Porter Mill Gallery, “Small Works Exhibition” Beverly, MA

2013 “Art Expo NYC” with Studio 26 Gallery, New York, NY

2013 “Emaar Art Exhibition” Dubai Marina Walk, Dubai, UAE

2012 “American Visual Art” at the Tsvetaev Museum in Moscow

2012 “Red Dot Art Fair”, Art Basel Miami Art week, Miami, FL

2012 Chelsea Eye Gallery, Group Show, Chelsea, New York, NY

2012 Conception Tribeca, Group Show, Tribeca, New York, NY

2012 Redeemer, Two Person Show, Life in the Abstract: Capturing the Invisible God, Mid Town Manhattan, NY

2012 The Path Cafe, Solo Exhibition, West Village, New York, NY

2012 Dino Eli Gallery, Represented Artists Exhibition, Manhattan, NY

2012 Conception Tribeca, Group Show, Tribeca, New York, NY

2011 Path Cafe, Fall Group Show, West Village, New York, NY

2011 Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, “Collectors Choice Exhibition”, Chelsea, New York, NY

2011 Greenpoint Gallery, “Fall Solo Show,” Brooklyn, NY

2011 Chashama Gallery, Solo Show, “Confluence” 42nd Street, New York, NY

2011 Art Start Group Show, New York, NY

2011 Greenpoint Gallery, Large Works Group Show, Brooklyn, NY – First Place Winner

2011 Greenpoint Gallery, Small Works Group Show, Brooklyn NY

2010 Barrington Center for the Arts, “Confluence”, Wenham, MA

2009 Gordon College, Lane Student Center, Wenham, MA



2006 Hamilton Wenham Regional High School, cafeteria mural



2011 First Place Winner of Greenpoint Gallery, Large Works Juried Group Exhibition.

2009 Leadership Scholarship

2006 Rotary Club, community service scholarship



Idiom, 2010



2010 Gordon College Bachelor of Arts in Art with a focus in painting and a minor in business

2009 Gordon in Orvieto, Italy

2006 Hamilton Wenham Regional High School



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